Saft Stockholm is the musical “juice” and alias of Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Lena Amalia Adina Bjärskog. Raised in Stockholm with roots in folkloric Dalarna, she always composed, and after music studies in Sweden, The Caribbean and Latin America, today she presents fusions with inspiration from Sweden and all over the world.

After many years of singing in bands, touring and recording, she formed the record label Saft Productions/Broken Roots Recordings – focusing on free arts, modern world music and independent female production. Since becoming a music producer, Saft Stockholm keeps challenging the idea of “limitations” and is not afraid to combine modernity and tradition, styles from different continents and generations, or languages.

Saft Stockholm is resident in Sweden but traveling, performing, recording, and presenting music on a regular basis, mostly in the USA, The Caribbean and Latin America. She has presented the three albums “Ordet” 2008, “The Puzzle” 2011 and “Svart vatten” 2013, which were received with great appreciation from critics and listeners, and rewarded with several art grants.

PR / Contact: Elin Hedman PR, 0738-000646, elin@ehpr.se, http://elinhedmanpr.se